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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Grand Weekend

Reed has had some kind of weekend! He's been loving the attention. Not only did he get a "grand" new bedroom, he also got to spend the whole weekend with Lola and Pop Rox visiting.

Reed is having a lot of fun playing in the new bonus room.

Lola had a lot of fun spoiling Reed with bites of biscuits and other "table food."

Pop Rox and Lola were complaining all weekend that we were not keeping Reed warm enough. We disagree some, but wanted to appease them. The Abraham's took their sons to Alaska and they had to buy them some warm clothes like a snowsuit. So, before we went out this morning, we put Reed in the snowsuit. He was nice and warm, on this beautiful 60 degree day!

We all went to our favorite lunch spot today and had lunch at the Schoolhouse Cafeteria. It was yummy. We took a moment for a photoshoot outside. Pop Rox and Lola were SO helpful this weekend getting things done. Painting, elecrical, hanging blinds, etc. It was a great help! But, they had to leave to get back to their jobs. Fortunately, my mom was on the way.

One of the sad things about moving away from our old house was that we didn't think that we would see the wildlife that we had seen before. But, today while we were sitting on the porch waiting on Enna to arrive, we saw 5 deer and a bunny rabbit. Reed wasn't as impressed with them just yet, but we thought it was really neat.

Here's a picture of Reed sitting out on the porch with mommy waiting on Enna to arrive.

Enna missed some turns as MANY people do when they are trying to get to our house, so Reed had time for a few cute photos.

One thing is for certain, Reed and I LOVE to have our mouths open!

I like those funkified pictures!

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