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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Fam Filled Day!

Reed got an early start to the day. We left Lola and Pop Rox's house to head to meet Reed's great-grandmother, Mimi. Mimi was excited to finally meet Reed. She was really impressed with how happy he is.

Reed enjoyed playing on the floor of her apartment. Mimi kept apologizing that she didn't have any toys for Reed to play with. He didn't have to have toys, everything was a toy to him!

Reed got a special treat when he got to meet his great-aunt Sib and great-uncle Bubbo.

Four Generations

We then headed to my hometown where Reed got to meet his cousin Ginny and great aunt Betty and great uncle Mitch.

Reed also got to meet his cousin Lamar who was all decked out ready to see Ole Miss play Mississippi State. Unfortunately for him, the Bulldogs beat the Rebels.

Reed was impressed by Uncle Mitch's facial hair.

We then headed to see my grandfather and Reed's great-grandfather, Papa. When we got there, we were surprised (as we always are) that our first dog as a couple, Hershey was still alive. Hershey was supposed to be a chocolate lab. Never get a dog from a car salesman. We learned that lesson the hard way. Papa and Mimi inherited Hershey.

As odd as it may seem to most every other family in America, Reed got to meet Papa in the cemetery. He was supervising the digging of a grave. Okay, now let me qualify the preceding statements.

My father is a funeral director, we pretty much grew up in funeral homes and cemeteries. My family has always dug the graves in the cemetery in my hometown. Abbey and I were actually engaged in a cemetery, so it seemed only fitting that Reed met his great-grandfather in a cemetery, although it was completely by accident that this was the way it occurred.

Papa was quite impressed by Reedo and I am sure that my Mimi would have loved him too, but she passed away 1.5 years ago.

Reed's cousin Timothy came by to meet him, too. I can't believe how old Timothy looks! I remember when he was born and now he is about to graduate from high school! AHHH!

Reed was pooped after traveling and meeting so many family members.

Reed had a great time getting to visit with Aunt Ava after his little nap in the van!

Reed has had a great time spending time with Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie. Tomorrow he gets to meet my brothers and their wives and his cousin Joshi. He is excited that he gets to see his Poppy and Enna too!
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