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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Day of Firsts!

Reed had several firsts today:

1. First number 1 was Daddy got paged to the nursery. It seems that Reed was having a little meltdown because the nursery workers were following mommy's strick "feeding" schedule. Daddy explained that it was merely an about time instead of a "must do!" Reed was fine once he got his bottle.

2. First number 2 was Reed having lunch with Raleigh at the Schoolhouse Cafeteria. It was more like us having lunch and Reed and Raleigh just sitting there, but hey, for once, they were both awake at the same time!

3. First number 3 was Reed going to big church! He went tonight because the youth were presenting a program. It was really cute. It was the first Christmas program that we had been to and it was kind of like "High School Musical" with a Christian message. Of course, Reed got a little time with the director, Mrs. Grace.

4. Finally, and you'll have to "reed" between the lines on this one. Tonight Reed was taking his bath and he began to make some familiar noises. We usually hear them in the morning after he's just eaten breakfast. Well, in not so many more words, the sounds ended and daddy ended up fishing and running another tub of water for Bubber.
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