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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reed Visits Kay Kay

Reed woke up before Mommy got her shower this morning, and instead of resorting to the high chair and biter biscuit, she had another plan.

Mrs. Susan and two of her children were in town and needed to bring over some stamping stuff to mommy. Mommy suggested that they may come over and visit Reed for a few minutes while she got ready. Heather had a great time playing with Bubber, but mommy said that Mrs. Susan said she was a baby hog! Now, where have I heard that before?

I guess Mrs. Susan had to squeeze Reed tight in order to get her chance to love on him.

Reed was mesmerized by Evan. I bet it was his hair!

Later, it was time for Mommy to come to town to pick Daddy up because they were headed to Franklin to do some "cooking."

Kay Kay (one of my coworkers), sacrificially agreed to keep Reed while we were "cooking" at Super Suppers. Ms. Amy, Kay Kay's daughter came over to see Reed. Ms. Amy had Reed intrigued, but it seems that she was also a baby hog!

Reed loves dogs and Harrison was not so much in love with Reed.

While we were at Super Suppers, apparently Reed was having a blast chasing Harrison who was not interested in being chased.

Look at that little face. Isn't it amazing how many people this little baby brings joy too?

Our favorite person at Super Suppers, Mrs. Phemie was so excited that we were coming to fix some meals that she bought Reed a few shirts from Gymboree. She had them all wrapped and ready. Her husband is the producer of my drama scripts for one of my products at work, so we have a connection. They are Chinese and she was able to tell us about a Chinese tutor in the area who is very affordable. We are excited about getting to learn Chinese.

Ms. Amy had to hold Harrison in order for Reed to play with him.

You might notice that Reed got his third haircut today since he has been home, not quite 3 months yet!

When Abbey and Kay Kay finally got Reed and Harrison together, Reed decided he wasn't interested anymore!

Who is more excited in this picture?

Thanks Kay Kay, Ms. Amy, and Mr. Ken for letting Reed have a great time!
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