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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Enna's Visit

For the past several days Enna has been in Tennessee visiting us. It was a wonderful treat to have her spend some of her Thanksgiving break from school with us. She was an extreme help and Reed loved getting to spend time with her.

Enna loves to make and hear Reed laugh.

Reed has started to climb through things, instead of around them.

When Enna said that she was going to get ready to go she bent over to pick Reed up. Nice try Enna, but we're not letting you take him home with you!

Right before the waterworks.

I debated whether or not to put this picture up, because it doesn't do anything for my looks does it? But, I wanted to show three generations. My mom and I have the same birthday, Reed's birthday is a day after his Poppy's, and Abbey's is the same day as my brother Bobby's. We're a close family, eh?

After Enna left, we started decorating Christmas trees. We have four up and decorated. Only one more to go, but we have to wait until the flooring guys come back on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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