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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flat Reed: What's a Boy Gotta Do to Get a New Face Around Here?

It's time for Flat Reed to get a facelift. Since the last time, he had a surprise face, this time he gets a pitiful face. It's the face that is screaming, "Momma and Daddy come and get me!!!" Goodness, we didn't realize that we could miss him so much. Thank goodness we have an excellent support system of family, friends, church, co-workers, and blog followers! It's so much easier with you all.

We printed out several face sizes because we couldn't remember which size head we had given him!

I am sure that some of you are wondering if we found the camera. The answer is simple, NO! I bought a new one tonight at Best Buy, because the other one is gone! If you will notice in the picture of Flat Reed in the stroller (which by the way is what I was going to take a picture of the night the camera was discovered to be missing.), I did not crop out the remote control on the island. That is so I can remember where I saw it last should it (and it will) become missing!

Flat Reed is enjoying riding around in his new stroller. He also has TWO car seats already. One for when he first comes home and another one that is supposed to be good until he is 100 pounds. Uh! I don't even want to think about him getting to be 100 pounds. That's too close to driving, graduating from high school, going to college, getting married, having kids. Well, wait a minute, the grandparent thing sounds fun.

Still no word on the judge's decision, but we will let you all know as soon as we do!
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