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Monday, June 25, 2007

Flat Reed: My Clean Closet

Reed's closet was quite a disaster. Since we've lived here, we've sort of always used Reed's closet as a catch-all. That means that whenever Abbey was a bridesmaid and had a dress she wasn't going to wear again or all of Abbey's dept. 56 houses (and there are a lot of them!). Someone had to do something to make Reed's closet really be his closet, so that's what Abbey worked on today.

It's not quite finished yet, but Abbey really did a good job on it. I think that Reed will be able to find his stuff quite well in this closet. It's amazing how baby stuff actually makes the closet look a lot bigger.

Here is Reed's souvenir from this past week in Texas. He got a DBU t-shirt. DBU is on the list of approved colleges and universities that Reed can attend. Right now the list is sort of short.

P.S. Flat Reed arrived home safely around 1:00 this morning. He told his mom that he knew that we were on the earlier flight, but he wanted to get to hang out in Dallas a little longer.
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