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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Flat Reed: Fun With Caden and I am Ready for My Baby to be Home!

Okay, so I come in the house today after work. Abbey is in the kitchen, Emily is in the living room. Caden comes running into the kitchen arms spread and excited to see me. Just a small hint of what I have always dreamed my own son would do when I come home from work. It was definitely sweet.

Caden's not exactly sure what Flat Reed is supposed to be. That's okay, Caden, no one else is sure either.

Caden is kind of like Abbey. He doesn't like me to have my mought open in pictures as you can see from the next picture.

Caden moves quite a bit as evidenced by the fuzziness of his face in the picture and how clear my face is.

Caden helped me water the plants tonight. He did a good job helping. He was a little shy about the water at first ...

... and then it was nothing but H20.

Do you think he was having a good time?

Now, having this baby boy around this house has really made me miss my own little guy. Tonight I got to take Caden for a stroller ride through the 'hood and then got to give him his bath.

So, my dear baby boy Reed, I know that you are not reading this blog, but you will one day. I love you so much. Your mom loves you so much. We miss you more than words can express and there are more people praying for you than we even know. We want you home so badly, but we trust in God and His perfect timing. Just know that when we do have you home, you will showered with love and TONS of attention.
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