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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Flat Reed: Let's Go Camping

Flat Reed wants to go camping, but he doesn't know how to get back to Mississippi where my mom and dad's camper lives. We'll have to take him camping sometime, but to be honest the idea really doesn't thrill me. It is really hot up here in Tennessee and I think that it is probably even warmer in Mississippi.

I hated to break it to Flat Reed, but it has been very dry out here lately. That means that wherever the camper would go right now, would probably be really dry! It's been a like a drought around here in Tennessee. It finally rained last night, so for once, I didn't have to water our yard. Flat Reed was little unhappy with the rain, because he was not able to play in the sprinkler.

Isn't it strange that Flat Reed got excited when he found gas for 2.87 instead of 3.05!!! I remember one time last year when I abruptly pulled into a gas station because I found gas for ONLY 1.99. Abbey told me to never say ONLY 1.99 for gas ever again. Man, would I like to see gas for 1.99 again!

When we got married gas was .97 a gallon! Those were the days!
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