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Friday, June 01, 2007

Flat Reed: Ella's House

Over Memorial Day weekend we got to stay at Jason and Leslie's house. Well, I guess more importantly, its baby Ella's house. It's amazing how many people we know who are having babies.

Baby Ella is due to grace our presence on October 30. Molly is hoping that she will come on Halloween. I am sure that Jason and Leslie will probably be ready for her to get here a little sooner than that.

Their dog, Parker, was not really excited about Flat Reed. After a little while, though, Parker realized that Flat Reed was a pretty cute little guy.

Baby Ella is just barely making an appearance in her mommy's tummy right now, but we think she is going to be showing in no time flat!

By the way, Jason and Leslie, we had intended on posting a lot sooner, but I completely forgot about the pictures. In fact, we have a couple of more days worth of pictures of Flat Reed in Mississippi.
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