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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flat Reed: I Got Some New Clothes!

Flat Reed was excited to see us come home last night with some new clothes. You may have noticed he has only had a few outfits since he has been in existence. Some of the few we actually sent to our "real boy" (did you catch that Ava?) in Taiwan. The first three pieces are from Children's Place.

The rest of his clothes are from Gymboree.

These are a few of the clothes that he will be able to wear when we pick him up from Taiwan.

This is a cute little froggy outfit that we got for Reed. He can wear this to church or maybe on a date. NOT! Well, he could wear it to church.

This is a cute little outfit that has some fun safari animals on it.

Another cute froggy piece.

My Papa would love this one with the tractor on it.

Here's the real kicker! We had to tell Flat Reed that he didn't get to wear any of these clothes! They are for the real Reed ONLY! Let's pray that the judge moves quickly so that we can see him in his new clothes soon!
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