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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flat Reed: The Lonestar State

"Hi all! Just wanted you to know we made it to Texas safe and sound. This time, Mommy packed me, so she made sure that I was buckled in tightly. She's not like Daddy, although the trip wasn't as fun this time! Tomorrow, I am going to get to go and see where Mommy and Daddy lived while Daddy was in seminary. Then, on Monday, I'm going to go and see where mommy went to get her Master's degree."

"Mommy's trying to get a few last things ready before camp starts. Mommy and Daddy both have some things to finish up before they start."

Hi All, Daddy (uh ... I mean Jeff here. Man, I'm really looking forward to my first Father's Day tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to having my baby boy and letting him meet his daddy.) Tonight we had dinner with some of our very best friends from Texas. Todd, Caroline, and Hunter were able to have dinner with us. Todd and I served on staff together at my first church.

Hunter was barely walking when we first met him and not he talks non-stop.

He's also grown to be quite the ham! He is a really fun kid. Ironically, he also knows everything there is to know about NASCAR. He kept asking me who number 23 is or who number 63 is. When I would tell him I didn't know he said, "You must have forgot." I agreed, I mean, who am I to tell the kid that I don't watch NASCAR?

Hunter quickly became comfortable around me, and soon we were sharing crash stories of Percy, James, and Thomas. We even let Diesel have a little play in the action. The best story was the one I made up of Thomas Earhardt Jr, James Gordon, and Percy Muirez. The were all in a TRAINCAR race. Hunter was into that one.

The best part of the night for me was when Hunter said, "You come with me, you're my best friend." I can't wait to have my boy home.

A side note, we found some incredible baby clothes stores today and bought Reed some more clothes. Since we've been talking about trains tonight, here's what I think about shopping for clothes. "We've got to stop, we've got to stop, we've got to stop."
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