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Friday, June 22, 2007

Flat Reed: My First Camp Experience

The first night of camp, Flat Reed got to get on stage with Daddy. All of the kids loved him.

He's already a ladies' man, but who didn't alread know that?

Everyone enjoyed "cheesing" with Flat Reed.

Flat Reed enjoyed riding on the golf cart, but he didn't enjoy the smell of body odor! This was the perfect opportunity to teach Flat Reed of the importance of deoderant.

AND! It rained everyday which caused mud - which caused kids to play in it constantly, so we had stinky, sweaty, muddy kids.

Flat Reed got to go to craft time with mommy.

Supposedly these were really fun "bumper" soccer inflatable things. We never actually used them though.

The nurse from camp was so sweet to Flat Reed. Flat Reed was not really hurt, but he thought all of the other kids were having fun getting bandages, so Nurse Cecelia gave him a band-aid for his fake booboo.

Finally, we walked in and caught Flat Reed playing poker with the counselors! He showed them though. Look at the hand. Forget the fact that he has one-too-many cards!

All that to say we are now enjoying respite in Wichita Falls, Texas with our VERY dear friends Blanton and Jaime. It's so good to see old friends. They've just moved into a new house and so it is really nice to get to visit with them.
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