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Monday, June 04, 2007

Flat Reed: Mrs. Emily and Caden are Coming to Visit

Well, I have a problem. Currently I am thinking that I am getting a little like our friend Maggie from (Brad, Maggie, and Caroline). Maggie's a nice girl, but she loses their camera a lot. I am not going to say who, but someone named ME can't find our camera. This is going to be a problem for our blog readers.

I do hope that it is somewhere in that amazing purse of Flat Reed's mom. The purse is amazing because it holds SO MUCH STUFF and it really isn't that big. I know that the cmera was in my Jeep, but I don't know where it went from there. Keep reading this week so that I can tell you where that crazy thing got off too.

I can't check Abbey's purse because she is at work, although I was slightly tempted for a moment to drive over there to see.

On a happy note, Emily and Caden are coming for a visit this weekend. (They live at the "The Porter House".) I am excited because I have NEVER actually met Caden. I bet we are going to have a fun time.
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