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Monday, June 11, 2007

Flat Reed: Mommy, Caden Wants Our Stairs

Okay, so this is just a preview, but isn't this a cute little guy!

This is Caden's Mommy, Emily, told him that he could not climb on the stairs anymore. It seems that kids are enamored with our stairs. So, maybe we don't have to buy Reed any toys since the stairs are already here!

"Mommy, is this how you have fun and visit with your friends when you get OLD?" Flat Reed was quite unimpressed with the fun level that Abbey and Emily were having.

Actually, one of them would call out a name of someone they went to college with and they would search myspace or facebook until they found him or her. Abbey was a little shocked at some of the choices some of the people she went to college with are making.

"Mrs. Emily, I thought you came here to see me!" Flat Reed is upset! He asked me to disconnect the wi-fi.

Tomorrow we'll get some pictures of Caden with Flat Reed. Apparently, Flat Reed is just the right dimension for Body-slamming.
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