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Friday, June 08, 2007

Flat Reed: Game Day Central VBX 2007

We've been in VBX this week. VBX is VBS with a twist. It runs at the same time at VBS, but VBX is just for Preteens (and, well, Flat Reed). As soon as we got to the church this morning Flat Reed was climbing on the lights. That was part of our decorations.

Flat Reed loved the #1 foam finger. He had a blast waving it around.

Flat Reed was having a hard time seeing over all the kids, so Aunt Bitsy let him sit on her shoulders during worship rally.

"Hand-in-hand in the body of Christ, we become one."

Flat Reed brought a football for offering. This week our offering is going to sports missionaries who needed sporting equipment.

I am not sure who liked each other more, Flat Reed or this preteen from our group. Flat Reed had a lot of fun with Mr. Matt during music time.

Flat Reed had a lot of fun making a notepad holder during crafts.

Mrs. Vivian enjoyed getting to meet Flat Reed. Flat Reed was so quiet during the Bible story.

Of course all children love SNACK time. The snack ladies at our church are incredible. They didn't serve snacks. They served meals!

Before we left, we had a time of review. Of course, Flat Reed knew the answer exactly! He's such a smart little boy.
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