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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Flat Reed: My Bumbo

I am not exactly sure why Abbey is so in love with this thing. Sure, I see the usefulness and I think it looks kind of cool, but boy did Abbey's cousin Courtney hit one out of the park when she sent Reed a Bumbo. It's a little foam seat and ABBEY has been obsessed with getting one. She was thrilled when we got the package the morning.

I had a little trouble getting excited about it because the postman rang the doorbell twice while I was in the middle of my Saturday morning nap.

Flat Reed was excited about the Bumbo, too. Tomorrow, we can show you some really cool outfits. Hannah Claire's mommy is Reed's personal shopper and she told us about some cute outfits at Gymboree. I think you will enjoy seeing them.

Abbey and I are learning a lot about parenthood today. We both love older houses and the town where we live has a beautiful historic district. Yesterday we went to eat supper and decided to ride through the district. We were on a road we haven't traveled often and saw a yellow two-story colonial "For Sale By Owner."

We're not looking for a house, at all, but I decided to call. The guy was nice and the price was good, so I asked if we could look at it. We checked it out this morning and the house has been completely renovated from the studs. It is incredible, pretty much EXACTLY what we have dreamed of.

The lesson: just because it is what we have dreamed of doesn't mean that the timing is right. God has blessed us with a very nice home which we love, so we must be content. We're not just taking care of ourselves anymore, we have a little boy to think about. As we have lived our married lives, we have come to realize that it is not fun to be tied down to debt and monthly payments, but to live a life where you are able to breathe between paychecks! I hope that we can continue to learn this lesson.

As for the house, I told Abbey that when we could afford the house without stretching out our finances to much, if we still thought we would love the house, I'd ask who ever buys the house to sell it to us. Hey, I've never really been shy about talking to anyone!
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