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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flat Reed: Daddy, Where Caden?

Flat Reed was so pitiful when I came home today. It seems that Caden and Mrs. Emily left and Flat Reed was just not ready for them to go.

He was really looking sad.

Flat Reed had fun playing soccer with Caden. It will probably be the only time that he gets to play soccer unless they have some really great "Soccer for Dummies" book, because neither of Flat Reed's parents have EVER played soccer. Wait! Neither of Flat Reed's parents have ever played anything (well, I did play little league when I was younger). Does being on the bowling league count?

Something tells me a toddler and a bowling ball don't mix do they?

"Caden, if you will come back and pway with me, I'll wet you choose which bawl you want to pway with."
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