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Monday, September 11, 2006

We'll Never Forget

It's hard to believe that it's been five years since the terrorist attacks. Here are some things that I have learned in the five years. Some things are serious, others are silly, but all are true.

1. Cotton Candy was invented in Nashville.
2. You can love your in-laws as much as blood relatives.
3. Wintogreen Lifesavers spark when you bite into them.
4. Texas is a big state.
5. True friends are not detered by geographical constraints.
6. Buying cars is fun (6 in 5 years).
7. Moving is stressful (3 times).
8. A home is made by the people in it, not by the house itself. A trailer can be home if that's where God wants you to live.
9. There's no use trying to trick God into going your way.
10. Best friends can be your age or twice your age.
11. You can change the color of your walls easier than you can change the location of your walls.
12. It is possible to miss someone you've never met.
13. God can do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.
14. Christians can commit hate crimes too.
15. Losing a grandparent doesn't get easier with age.
16. It is cheaper in the long-run to buy according to quality rather than cost.
17. Tennessee is a beautiful place to live.
18. There's nothing like Mimi's corn.
19. There are not enough real men in church.
20. People are afraid of confrontation.
21. Freedom of speech is important.
22. America has the right to defend itself.
23. There is no place I would rather live than America.
24. Every couple needs a mentor couple.
25. Fertility clinics are uncomfortable places to be.
26. It is possible to love your wife more everyday.
27. It is possible for husband and wife to go to graduate school at the same time.
28. Seminary was wonderful.
29. You can't outgive God.
30. The interstate was one of the greatest inventions.

There are so many more things that I have learned over the past five years. The above is just a sample. My beautiful, creative, future new Beth Moore, should have gone to seminary wife wrote a beautiful poem today. Enjoy.

I don't remember
When people say
I rememberJFK's assasination, Pearl Harbor, Elvis's death
Where I was, what I was doing, how I felt...I don't remember
The Berlin Wall, The Challenger, Princess Di, and 9/11
I remember
Chances given, lives lost, tears shed
Images in my head
Memories don't fade
Yet one event
I remember
I didn't see it, hear it,watch it
But I know
It happened.
I believe
It happened.
One death, one sacrifice
Gave life
Thousands, millions can live
One death can't be forgotten
I will remember
Thousands remembered on the anniversary
An important day in history, yes
Yet THE one so important,
Seems somehow forgotten
I will remember Posted by Picasa
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