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Friday, September 01, 2006

Move Over Martha

When we painted the guest bathroom brown, we began looking for some artwork. We had an idea when we saw the "Java Blue" napkin from Vera Bradley. We thought it would be a great piece of art, framed. The problem is that we could not find the napkins ANYWHERE, not even on ebay (well, not cheap enough for us).

If you have read the blog for more than a week, you realize that we find lots of things at Target. Last Saturday, we were at Target in Brentwood, when I spotted these dotted napkins on clearance for $1.38 a piece. They had every color of our towels in them. I showed them to Abbey and we purhased them.

Then when I went to Target on Tuesday night, I found some acrylic photo frames that I thought would be perfect. Tonight, Abbey and I put together our masterpieces.
How to make original artwork using dinner napkins:

Supplies: Cloth dinner napkins, acrylic photo frames, double-sided adhesive, heavy-duty foam tape, scissors

1. Place your supplies out in your work area.
2. Center your napkin over the carboard backing.
3. Cover the backing the way you want it to appear on the wall.
4. Place the acrylic frame over the napkin.
5. Pull the napkin around the edges to remove any loose parts under the frame.
6. Fold the edges around the backing and place pieces of double-sided tape as needed.
7. Hang in your chosen destination.
***Editor's Note: If you have a subscription to Mississippi Magazine, you will notice that our napkin art was used as a chair cover. We purchased our art supplies BEFORE we had received the magazine. Therefore, we consider our artwork an original design! Posted by Picasa
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