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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Now You See... Now You Don't

Everyone who has seen me lately, has noticed something. It was pretty obvious, my hair is growing out of control. Tonight after we went to CFA and (drum roll please) Target, I decided to get a haircut.

I told Abbey that I was going to go to Super Cuts, but on the way, I chickened out. I backed out because the last time I went to Super Cuts, my hair was destroyed. Anyway, I decided to go into the mall.

I went to Dillard's first and the lady told me it would be about 15 minutes. I told her I thought I would pass and so I went to Mastercuts. Upon walking in and seeing a 45ish lady with purple streaks in her hair (while talking to her equally unaware-of-her-age friend) and her in a very country accent about her boyfriend, I freaked out and left.

I went back to Dillard's where I waited on a nice lady named Ashley to cut my hair. She cut my hair and this is the result!
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