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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Getting Ready for Conference

I'll be in my home state tomorrow after a layover in Atlanta. I will then get in my rental and drive down to south Mississippi to teach a conference on Saturday morning. Here are the things that I pack. I had to use a large suitcase this time, because of the toys that I am taking. The legos have letters and statements on them. The conferees have to find the matches and put them together. The balls will have the five points of the first conference that I am doing on them. They will be hidden under the domes. The domes will also have different things tape under the bottom of them that the conferees will have to find. The traffic cones will have the road blocks to learning on them.
Next I added several pieces of fabric to cover the tables and some of the walls with. I am currently using black sheets with John Deere fabric. I also added several periodicals.
Finally there are lots of large colored sheets of cardstock. Oh, I forgot to metion that there is a bunch of Sunday School curriculum and a REALLY big book at the bottom.
Finally, the handouts and teaching plans stay with me. They go in my briefcase. That way, if my luggage gets lost, I will still have something to teach. The problem is that this time, I am packing my clothes in the bag with my teaching supplies. Hopefully if anything gets lost, it will be on the return trip and not on the going trip.

Abbey is having a few of the fifth grade girls over tomorrow night. They are going to spend the night with her to keep her company. I am glad that she won't be alone. If there is a lack of blogging this weekend, it is because Abbey decided not to! It's not my fault. Posted by Picasa
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