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Friday, September 15, 2006

Don't Adjust Your Computers

No, you didn't click on the wrong address! You haven't found your way onto Walt's World! Just a little of him coming your way...

Tonight is "Fifth Grade Friday Fun" and Walt decided to join in. At first, the girls weren't that impressed by Walt. I think you can see why!

However, after some strong coaxing from the girls (Michaela H. , Makayla B., Rebekah H., and Sara H.), he "woke up" and wasn't too thrilled to be in the prescence of so many strangers. I don't blame him. But, after a while, he had the girls eating out of his hand, or you could say the other way around!

And, after a while, he was so relaxed he was suddenly pointing out landmarks to the girls around him.

And, he even found some time to work on his shotput. Who knew?

Finally, Walty learned that girls can really be confusing...he's learning early!

All in all, it was a great glimpse into Walt's World. He revealed a lot of his vocabulary during his little visit. He said words like mom, daddy, happy, and also the ever-important word - Abbey, and when he left, he said "hug" and pointed to each girl! Of course, we all obliged, who wouldn't? Sorry, Jeff, maybe next time! Stay tuned for more on my weekend, including lots of pictures of Fifth Grade Fun Extended Weekend!
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