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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poor Putty

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, we were busy little beavers. Our good friend Mr. Frank, or Putty for all you Walt's World fans, had surgery on his ankle. We'll let him tell you how he broke it.

Anyway, I left work around lunch to go to the momentous surgery. Putty was in good spirits before the surgery and I finally got to meet the famous Tutta (I don't know if that is spelled right). Tutta would be Sheila's "sister", Tutta is the word Sheila came up with when she couldn't pronounce sister. I guess Sheila didn't try calling her Brenda, because that would have probably come out Bubba. I am pretty sure I have never met a female Bubba, well, at least not one that I was willing to call Bubba.

Anyway, Putty survived the surgery and after Brenda and I had spent sufficient time getting to know one another, it was time to go home. Of course, traffic was a nightmare and I was totally afraid that the Sprinkles were going to get home before I got to their house to help Sheila get Frank in, but luckily Frank's "shortcut" turned into a really long-cut, and I had time to drop his Rx off, work on a conference, and make it to their house in time.

We got him in and got him settled. He wasn't feeling so hot, so I went to pick-up his Rx and get him some ginger ale. Abbey was insistent that she come and see Mr. Sprinkles, so she drove that way. I told her that Sheila told me they didn't need any food, and she said, "Of course, she would say that. Go to Chick-Fil-A and get them something." Anyway, I got us all something (note-Mr. Sprinkles got chicken soup). We left around 9:30, Putty had regained more consciousness and was being pretty talkative.

After all that, I was afraid that I might have missed something exciting in the illustrious Nashvegas so I watched the news a little while. I was totally thankful, because had I not watched the news I would never have known that on yesterday's beautiful fall day, the top story was a mouse infestation at the new City Hall. Now, there was a new report released yesterday that said that New York City was the safest large city in the US. Did Nashville get left out of the survey? I mean, our top story was about a MOUSE! How crazy is that?!?! I think that they saved the story for Mrs. Sprinkles who is a member of the National Society for Not EVEN A DEAD MOUSE IS A GOOD MOUSE!
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