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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Treat From Friends

Last night, after a long practice for the Dinner Theater, my good friend Mr. Sprinkles called to tell me he and his lovely bride were at the A&W. I asked them to bring me and my lovely bride an orange cream freeze. They are yummy and refreshing.
Practice last night was not so great, so we were a little worried about the performance this evening. Everything went GREAT, though! The audience laughed nearly non-stop. I think that they were especially mesmerized by the way I used Duck Tape. Abbey will take pictures tomorrow night, so that we can share them with all our blog-subscribers.
Mr. Sprinkles gave me his bird feeders when they moved last week. I caught a bird ON the bird feeder today with my camera. Apparently, they really like the feeders alot, because one of them is almost empty already. Maybe things will slow down soon and I can have a chance to watch them.
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