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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Anniversary Trip: Part 1

Sorry for the absence of blogging lately. We've been busy with dinner theatre and just got back from our Anniversary trip. The 5th anniversary to be exact. Yes, those of you who are keen minded, will note that our anniversary is not until Friday, the 4th. However, in the interest of this is when we could go, we went.
We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way to WhiteStone Inn in Kingston Tennessee.
Here's a shot of the flowers I had waiting on Abbey in our room when we got there.
Not, the best shot in the world, but here is Abbey's anniversary present. In is a circular, diamond pendant. I think she liked it. I conspired with the waitress at the inn. She folded Abbey's napkin at our table a special way, and when she picked it up, it revealed the box holding the necklace.
After getting the necklace, she decided to smell the flowers. Posted by Picasa
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