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Friday, July 07, 2006

Stained Glass and White Sheets

Last night and tonight were so much fun. Abbey and I took a stained glass class at the church. We had a pattern of a cross to start with. We then cut the glass and leaded it. After the glass was leaded we saudered all of the pieces of the metal together. These are our finished products. Abbey's is the one in the center in this collage.

Mine is the one in the center in this collage. It was really a lot of fun. Abbey and I are going to try to start doing some stained glass projects now. I hope that we can do it!

Okay, so I think it has been well established that I have an opinion. So, get ready for my next one. I love WHITE SHEETS! I don't know why, but they seem cleaner, softer, and more comfortable. I just love white sheets. Some of you are not surprised at the silliness of this, but hey, who cares, really?

So, the other night we were in Target (imagine that, eh?) and we came across one of the clearance areas (Target has the BEST clearance). Guess what they had? WHITE SHEETS! We've been looking for some new sheets for a while, because the ones that we love now are getting a little tired and we don't like our other set. They were only 250 thread-count (a lot lower than what I would normally accept) but they were soft and cheap ($20.00).

I brought them home and washed them. I then put them on the bed last night and they were great! I am so glad we finally got some nice new white sheets.

I still have to tell you all about my friend and her situation. I'll do that tomorrow hopefully! First, we're having breakfast at Loveless Cafe with our good buddy Mr. Frank and then I am having my "Valentine's Day" Massage. Posted by Picasa
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