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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Crosses and Chair

Thursday night I taught several people my one "craft". A few years ago, I made Abbey a copper wire cross. We had a arts class at our church on Thursday night. Next Thursday, it is stained glass night. That will be fun. I am not teaching that one.

The two crosses are the ones that Abbey and I made. They were a little harder to make, because we used a lower gauge copper wire which was a little harder to bend.

A while back, Abbey and I brought back a club-chair that the MIL was wanting to get rid of. We wanted a chair for our bedroom. We decided that we would just slip-cover the chair and so we started looking for a slip-cover.

After many failed attempts at finding a slip-cover, we went to Olde Time Pottery and found some fabric. It was a great deal, so we bought it. We thought we would attempt to reupholster the chair. We never got around to it.

The other day, I was talking to a lady from our church who said she and her MIL did upholstery work. I asked her how much she would charge and she quoted me a great price. So, I loaded up the chair and took it to her. This is the finished product. They did a great job! Now, we have a nice comfy chair in our bedroom.
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