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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Lamp

Notice the new floor lamp in the pictures above. This lamp was just the thorn that I needed in my side this Wednesday. Abbey was supposed to go to Bombay and purchase our Christmas present from the IL's. We decided to go ahead and get it since it was on sale.

While there, she found a new floor lamp that we had been looking for. I had NO clue that we had been looking for a new lamp, but apparently we had for over a year. I am sure that I just missed that memo.

Abbey went to get the Christmas present (I can't write what it is, because I don't know, wink, wink). The people at the store would not let Abbey use the Bombay account, because her name was not on it. She called and asked me if I would go by there. It was getting later in the afternoon and I was about ready to head to the church.

I really did not want to completely out of my way to go by the mall to get the lamp. I told Abbey that I would go the next day. She, however, did not believe the sales associate that told her that the sale lasted until Friday and insisted that I go on Wednesday. Oh and by the way, did I mention that there was a monsoon happening outside?

I fought the traffic and finally made it, where I was waited on by two incompetent sales associates, who by the way did not even know at first how to look up the account. Then they did not know if they had the gift that Abbey had put on hold earlier in the day.

I was disappointed by the lamp at first, because I thought that Abbey was a a little overdramatic about how great the lamp was. Now that I have seen it lit, I think that it is pretty good. What do you think? Posted by Picasa
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