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Monday, July 24, 2006

A Delicious Meal and the Crazy Umbrella

We had a great supper tonight. Abbey fixed pork tenderloin (I grilled), homemade Paula Deen Macaroni -n- Cheese (YUM!). fried okra (double yum), and a nice cold glass of fresh sweet tea. It was a great meal. It's only 5:30, but we have already eaten because I have rehearsal all this week at church for the dinner theater. Abbey is going to do some housework and watch TV tonight.
Well, that crazy umbrella has done it again. Last night when we got home from the wedding, we were greeted with a big, striped umbrella outside the French doors in the living room. The picture above is what we saw, the picture below is what it was like when I opened the door. Apparently the weather got rough over the weekend. Our yard is strewn with leaves.
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