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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Movin', Sprinkle Style

Act I: Setting: Frank and Sheila's new apartment. (Jeff and Abbey are curiously watching the conversation between the couple.)
Sheila: Frank, what are you doing? You are looking a little red in the face.
Frank: Honey, I am trying to figure out all of these cookbooks that you have. I mean, don't you just use the the recipe box.
Sheila: No, Frank, you know in this one, I get that recipe for that beef stroganoff you love. And in this one, there's that one for the marshmellow salad. See, I use them.
Frank: Honey, could you not just take those pages and put them in the box.
Sheila: No, Frank, now did you get the steel wool for me to stuff in that hole. You know, I'm going to Walt's if I see a mouse.
Frank: Yes, but all we could find was the kind with the soap in it.
Sheila: Did you look with the sandpaper?
Frank: Yes, honey. (Jeff nods his head in agreement.)
Act II: Back at the original homestead to get the rest of Walt's things.
Abbey: Do you want to take the pictures?
Sheila: Well, I guess we could. (They take a couple of pictures down and then get lost in conversation.)
Jeff: Don't you think we could leave the baby bed put together and get it out the door.
Frank: Sheila says it won't fit, but we can try. (They try, to no avail.)
Jeff: Let's take off the front and then it will probably go through. (They do so, and still no going.)
Frank: Well, it's not that hard to take apart and put back together. Let's just do that. (they continue to unassemble the bed, the women are still talking in the next room).
Frank: Okay, let's load it in the Tahoe.
Jeff: Yes, sir.
Frank: (to the ladies) What are y'all doing?
Sheila: Taking the pictures down (although there are only a few down).
(Everything gets loaded up in the back of the cars).

Now back at the apartment.

Frank: Okay, Jeffry, let's put this back together.
(The women are still talking)
Abbey: That doesn't look right (as if she is quality control).
Jeff: All, we have to do is just move it down a bit.
Sheila: I don't want my grandbaby to be tilted in his bed.
Jeff: It's really easy to fix.
Frank: Let's go eat.
Jeff; Okay, let's go somewhere in Hendersonville.
Frank: And then we can go look at houses.
Sheila: FRANK! Not until next Saturday once we have moved into the apartment.
Frank: Not for us, for Jeff and Abbey (wink, wink)! Posted by Picasa
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