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Thursday, July 20, 2006

So...You Probably Won't Be Surprised

Just what a husband, whose wife is never going to be a prostitute, wants to see when he comes home. His dearly beloved slaving away painting the home's front door. To my knowledge, Abbey has never initiated a home repair project.
Please notice Abbey's cute grey on grey outfit. She made me promise that I would explain that generally she would not wear grey on grey. I am not exactly sure how she wanted me to prove it, though. But, I guess you'll just have to believe me.
Why is she painting the door? Well, first of all, because it needed it. Secondly, because we have put our house up for sale. The market value has increased greatly over the past couple of years and we want to build our own house. So, don't start wiggng out everybody, we aren't going to move far. IF we sell our house, we are going to move into an apartment and look for land. So, if you know someone who wants a two-story with a freshly painted white door, call our agent!
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