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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Amazing Umbrella

Look at the umbrella in the picture below. Nothing special about it, right? Just a striped umbrella that could be purchased at any mega retail store (Wal-Mart in our case). Don't let the first glance fool you, though. This umbrella is an amazing flying umbrella.

Before you start thinking I have been drinking my strawberry fresh fruit slush from Sonic too quickly and I have gotten brain freeze, I am not! This umbrella really flies. A couple of weeks ago, we came home and the umbrella was not in the stand but it was just laying on our deck. Then about a week ago, we came home and it was on the side of the deck. We put it back, and then on Sunday we came home and it was in the empty lot beside our house!

See, I'm not really crazy. I have tried closing the umbrella completely and I have tried leaving it open. Nothing seems to deter the umbrella from flying away. Once it gets better at flying I think that I am going to use it to fly downtown to work. That should be a good way to avoid the crazy traffic on 65.

Not a lot to report tonight. Abbey is gone to Centrikid camp for the week. I worked pretty hard today on some editing. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to leave work and go see Abbey at camp. My IL's are also going to come and go to supper with us. I came home and mowed the yard in the sprinkles (Note, I am not refering to our friends the Sprinkles, it was really, sprinkling outside.). Now, I am watching "Treasure Hunters." It is SOO dramatic, NOT! Posted by Picasa
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