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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blog Policy and Rating System

Due to some unforeseen reactions to a recent post, the LandLife moderators have chosen to set some policies for usage.

This blog is based strictly on the opinion of the moderators. We reserve the right to speak about things that we deem important. If our opinion does not strongly match your opinion, please know that we do not love you any less. We have just decided how we feel about something.

Occasionally, we feel passionate about certain topics. Sometimes the opinions expressed in those blogs, may be upsetting. Please know that you can also express your opinion in several ways. You may leave a brief comment (note: as moderators, we can remove unwanted comments), start your own blog, or just stew about what is written.

Also, please be very CAREFUL to read each blog entry in its entirety. Do not simply assume that you know what it is about because you have read a few words and have looked at the picture. You MAY and in MOST CASES will miss the point.

We have chosen to rate this blog as E -10+, which means anyone ten years or older should be able to read this blog, maybe more than once and understand the point.

This blog is for our family and friends to enjoy keeping up with us here at LandLife. It is not intended to start a revolution, nor is it intended to be taken too seriously. We enjoy being lighthearted but we also sometimes feel the need to speak out against what we feel are social travesties.

I have some great news regarding one of my best friends, but you will just have to wait until next blog. Given the nature of this blog, I am not going to mention the fact that we saw a shirtless man standing at the drive-thru window at McDonald's tonight.
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