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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I finally got her!

You may have noticed that we have not blogged much over the past few days. There is a reason and you will not believe it. I finally surprised Abbey.

She's been really stressing lately with school and my job changing. She got done with the first semester of summer school this past Thursday, so little to her knowledge, I booked us a couple of nights at "The Brentwood Bed and Breakfast."

She was so excited that we did not have anything to do this weekend. She was determined that we were going to do nothing but rest this weekend.

Thursday, I went to the florist and had an arrangement done for Abbey. I then went to the b and b and checked us in. I packed for both of us while Abbey was as school. Abbey still had no clue that any of this was going on.

I called Sheila on the way home and we devised a plan to get Abbey to Brentwood that evening. I had to teach the class, so I asked Abbey to come and "help" (me she did a great job helping).

At 7:45, Frank called, just as planned. I told him I was busy and called him back when the class was over. When I called him back I told him exactly where the B and B was, and we planned to meet in Brentwood in a parking lot of a convenience store. Frank was going to lead us to our destination.

I asked Abbey if she would be willing to go to Brentwood and help Frank move a piece of furniture. Abbey thought that it was odd that they would want to move a piece of furniture considering they are moving to an apartment in a few weeks.

As we neared the B and B, I slowed down, turned on the blinker and turned into the drive. Abbey had no clue that we were going to be staying there. I told her then! She was very surprised, especially when she walked in and there were flowers waiting on her.
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