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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Should we be offended?

Okay, so read that description above? Doesn't it sound great. Don't you want to buy this? Apparently, no one else does. We have had NOT A SINGLE LOOKER! Abbey says it only takes one, and that is true. The good news is that we have found a plan that we like in case we do actually sell our house.
Now for the revelation that Abbey and I had today:

Abbey has had a wart on her hand, for oh, I don't know, as long as I have known her. A few weeks ago, she finally decided to get it removed. She went to the dermatologists and after a few seconds of discomfort the wart was nothing but a scabby memory.

I have NEVER been known to keep my office neat and clean. However, I decided when I got my new job that I would do my best to keep it tidy. That means, that I don't leave until my desk is cleaned off. When the office is clean, then I leave work for the day.

Now for the revelation:

Abbey had put off getting rid of something that she did not like, just because she was scared of the pain. However, when she took the little bit of time to go to the doctor, it didn't take that long ago. Now the scab is healed and you would never know that once a wart lived there.

Yesterday I was getting ready to leave and I put everything away. It took me about 1 minute. When I was done, it was still a little early, so I couldn't leave and didn't have anything to do.


We put off things or don't do them, because we are scared of the cost. Abbey put off the wart removal because she was scared of the pain. Instead the wart continued to grow until she was so annoyed by it that she had it removed. I used to not clean my office because I didn't want to take the time. Instead, it grew into a huge, discombobulated mess. Now, both of us could have avoided past nuisances, if we simply would have dealt with them, when they needed to be dealt with. That is the way life is. Don't let problems fester until they are too big to control. Take care of them, pay the MINOR initial cost in order to gain piece of mind.

Now, I am trying to translate this into "car care".

So, we might not sell our house, however, this lesson has taught us something. Keeping our house SPOTLESS everyday, just in case we have looker, isn't all that hard. We just have to take care of things right away, instead of just putting them off and letting the piles get bigger. Posted by Picasa
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