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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Projects: Revealed

On Independence Day, Abbey and I went to the mall. We bought the mirror seen in the picture above at Kirkland's on sale for $20.00. It was WAY marked down. I hung it finally! Note, there is still a mirror underneath the one in the picture. Fortunately, the new mirror fit perfectly right over it. I also realize that our light above the mirror is NOT even. I kept trying to get the mirror even and then I finally used the laser leveler that I had been using to make sure that the screws were even, to see if the light was level. Guess what? It wasn't!

A LONG time ago, I bought a pot rack for Abbey. I have been delaying putting it up because I could not find a stud in the ceiling. Apparently, I am the only stud around here! (Don't laugh!) Anyway, I bought a nice, heavy-duty anchor and cautiously drilled a 1/2 inch round hole in our kitchen ceiling. Thankfully, everything worked out and above you can see the finished project. the picture below is just one that I thought had a neat perspective.
Below you can see what I am doing right now! Missing my wife! I can't wait until she comes home tomorrow! I will be so glad to see her. However, if I don't get upstairs to fold the laundry, she will probably not be too happy to see me!
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