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Monday, May 29, 2006


This weekend we headed to the IL's to visit and I had to shop at Market for Abbey's fifth anniversary present of dealing with me. So, I have to keep it a secret for 66 days or 1594 hours or 95646 minutes or 5738805 seconds. I don't think that I'll ever make it!

Last weekend, one of the things that we noticed about the IL's front flower beds were crazy full of an odd assortment of fowers. To say it was disombobulated would be saying it nicely. Abbey and I decided that we wanted to gut the beds. Last night, after supper, we went to the front yard and started pulling things out. Some of them were easy, like the 1000's of glads. Some of the things were more tough like the many different kinds of ground cover. I think that the people that owned the home before got a bunch of seeds and bulbs and just started throwing them everywhere. The problem with the flowers was that there was no thought put into them. You can see for yourself, in the pictures above how crasy they were.

We finished cleaning up the beds this morning. There were tons of lilies and so we put them to the side to move them to the backyard. We decided to break for lunch and then we would go to Home Depot to get a few of the essentials to get this yard into shape. After a lunch of grilled hot dogs, we all headed to Home Depot where we bought two more "Stella D'Oro" lilies, 3 boxwoods, 4 golden tipped hostas, and 15 vincas (periwinkles), plus 10 bags of brown mulch.

Putting the beds back together went fairly easily. Then we mulched the place and below you can see our beautiful results. We know that the neighbors will be excited that the potpourri of flowers is now an organized desirable yard. We did save 1 lily, 6 silver leaf plants, 5 pieces of ground cover (that may be replaced by heather in the near future) and a couple of other plants that we don't know what they are but think they could be pretty. Be sure to notice that the look was completed by the 2 inch blinds that Mr. Roy installed so that the look would be complete.

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