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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Clothes

Everyone knows that Tuesday's are Chick-fil-a night, right? If you didn't, every Tuesday night we go to Chick-fil-a and generally follow up supper with a trip to Target.

Last night was different though. Abbey is going to Tampa this weekend, so she needed a new bathing suit. We pulled into the Dillard's parking lot (if you like a close spot, park at Dillard's, their parking lot is least likely to be full). Anyway, we were walking through Dillard's and we happened upon the men's department.

That's when it caught my eye. A beautiful sign, a 75% off sign. I was immediately drawn to it like a child to a sucker. Abbey and I looked through the rounder and found 7 shirts that we really liked. They will be great Sunday shirts and shirts for business casual days. Most of them were originally $85.00, so we got a great deal.

Here are my two favorite patterns of the shirts that I like the most.

We also found Abbey a bathing suit and we bought cards for Ava's birthday and for Father's Day.
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