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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Life on the Farm

Today was a blast. I got to work in the yard and then I got to go to the birthday party of the year, little Will's birthday. You know you are always going to have a great time when you are going over to James and Sindy's house. This is their horse Babe. She's a pretty horse and quite dapper in that hat, don't you think?

James and Sindy have a great entourage of animals. One of the most interesting types of animals that they have are the fainting goats. The fainting goats are great, when you can get them to faint. However, for some reason, I could not get them to faint. Here is one that is passed out.

The family also has Llamas. The llamas are very friendly animals and they look really innocent don't you think? They come right up to the fence and let you pet them. They were really neat. They also have a donkey, but I am not going to post a picture of it.

James and Sindy really know how to throw a party. The kids were literally climbing the fence to get to the fun!

Now I am home and just blogging, because my wife is in Bartlett to see her parent's new house and to be with her mom for Mother's Day. Get ready "BM '06" is next weekend. The first part begins on Tuesday, Abbey and I will be there to help on Friday!
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