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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Elusive Leak: Final Hours

Act III, Scene 1
Enter Chris (the painter and his assistant)

Chris: We're here to paint.
Abbey: Great, here's where the leak was and we also want you to paint the stairwell and hallway. My husband has that paint in the back of his Jeep. He'll be here in a minute, although he said he would be home by now.
Chris: Okay. (Chris and assistant start moving things in living room and covering them up with protective covering.)

Act III, Scene 2

A few minutes later, Jeff enters.

Jeff: Hey
Painters: Hey.
Jeff: Here's the paint for the stairwell. We're going to go eat at Chick-fil-a, so you all can just paint away.
Chris: Okay.
Jeff: Oh yeah, we'll just leave your check on the counter.
Chris: Okay.
Abbey: Do you think we should go ahead and get them to paint the ceiling in the bedroom?
Jeff: Sure, do you all have time?
Chris: How big is it?
Jeff: Well, there's a tray ceiling, so there is not a lot of space to cover. Come take a look.
Chris: We'll do it if we have time.
Jeff: Great. Just call us if you need us.
Chris: Okay.

Act III, Scene 3

Enter Jeff and Abbey

Abbey: Wow, it looks great.
Jeff: Man, this is amazing.
Painters: uh.
Abbey: Did you get the ceiling in the bedroom?
Chris: Not tonight.
Jeff: Well, this looks great. Thanks so much. We'll call you when we can set up a time to come back to do the ceiling.
Chris: Okay.

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