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Sunday, May 21, 2006

BM '06 and all that jazz

It's official, the Drake's are now Tennesseans. Woo-hoo! It's also official, we've put tons of miles on the Highlander. After coming back from Mississippi late Wednesday night, we left out Friday afternoon after Abbey got out of school to participate in the event of the year, "BM '06" (for those of you who may not know what BM '06 is all about, it is referring to the Big Move of Abbey's parents this year, and no it does not refer to the hospital way of saying "going number 2").

Because my Jeep needs it's oil changed (something I plan to occur early this week), I decided that we should put more miles on the Highlander (it's oil was changed last week). It also gets better gas mileage. For those traveling between Nashvegas and Memphis, exit 101 has the cheapest gas at $2.55. Of course, I missed that exit and stopped at the next one where gas was $2.73.

Okay, enough jargon about traveling, you want to hear about the move. It was a pleasant experience. After arriving, Abbey and I quickly went to work at putting the beds together. Remember, this was the first planned meeting of Brookie (Ava's boy toy). The movers were not so gentle with one bed so we had to set up the box springs and mattress on the ground in Ava's room. We made our bed and then put the twin bed together in the other guest room (AKA "Linda's Frames").

We then headed out for some supper. The mil said she stunk so she would not get out of the car. We decided to get Chili's take out. We came home and ate at the bar, as the table was not accessible. Speaking of the table, don't mention it to the mil, the mover's put a hole right through the top when they were putting it back together.

After supper, Abbey and I were still ready to work. Ava, Brookie and the fil had not arrived, so we decided to unpack the pottery (you're thinking, so what right?) There were 8 boxes of pottery that we unpacked, see the picture. The sad thing is, we found more boxes on Saturday. It is really pretty though.

Saturday, Brookie and I went to get breakfast at Chik-Fil-A which is like 3 hours away (Well, it's really only about 10 minutes, but the fil seems to think that it is further, because it is in a different zip code). We finished up breakfast and Ab and I went to Target for shelf liner (ironically, the fil did not mention that this business was forever away even though it shares a parking lot with the aforementioned one).

When we arrived home, Brookie was mowing, Ava was arranging the pottery, and Abbey and I started unpacking the kitchen. Eventually, the kitchen became too overwhelming for the mil and we quit working on it and breaked for lunch. After lunch we went to the Master closet where Abbey and I decided on several items that should never again grace the skin of my in-laws! I also categorized and colorized the closet, so that they could sleep easy that night.

We finished off the day at Abuelos, followed by a quick run in Haverty's to look for an Armoire for the television in the hugemongous living room. Now, we're tired! We picked a rose for the mil from their backyard which we decided is in honor of her grandmother name which will be "Rose" or "Rosy". The fil will be "Bud" or "Buddy." Gotta go, we're going to bed, it's 7:30.
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