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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Few Announcements

Well, after nearly a year and a half, we finally have curtains in the green guest room. We still have not replaced the blinds, but that is on our list of things to do. Along with new bathroom flooring, crown molding, living room floors, restaining the deck, and painting the master bathroom.

I told Abbey that I am not sure that we will ever be able to move away from our house once we do everything we want to do with it. Anyway, it's fun to work on the house. We also are looking for a good, cheap armoire. We plan on cutting out the inner part of the doors and sides and replacing it with chicken wire. Then we will whitewash it and put it in the kitchen with our Gail Pittman.

On another note about our house, we have finally chosen flooring for the three bathrooms. It is a Liz Claiborne "tile look" vinyl, which just happens to be discontinued and is less than half-off! Awesome right! So, hopefully we'll be getting that done in a few weeks. I guess good things do come to those who wait!
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