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Friday, May 12, 2006

An Elusive Leak: Revealed

And now, for the exciting sequel to the original, get ready to experience "An Elusive Leak: Revealed."

The Setting: Living/Dining Room Combo and other areas of the house.
The Time: 2:34:47, May 11, 2006

(Contractor Jason and helper Martin enter the home using the key provided by the owners)

Act III, Scene 1
Martin: Man, Jason, what'd you do?
Jason: I can't find that leak anywhere.
Martin: Let's check the bathroom.
Jason: Okay, but I've already done that.
Martin: Well, we'll see if maybe you missed something.
(actors enter a few minutes of trying several different scenarios with the bathroom with very little dialogue)
Martin: Dude, I can't believe this.
Jason: Let's go up in the attic. You won't believe how clean their closet is.
Martin: Okay, what's that about their closet?
Jason: (with Martin in closet): Okay, you have to hoist yourself up into the attic.
Martin: I'm a big dude, I hope I can do that.
Jason: Just do it. Hey, Maybe it is the return valve on the air conditioning for the second floor.
Martin: Yeah, let's see if that's it.
(several minutes pass, then the duo end up back downstairs)
Jason: I just don't think that air conditioning thing is the culprit. Let's make the holes bigger so that we can see all of the pipes.

Act III, Scene 2

Jason: Okay, I just believe it's that bathtub.
Martin: (on cell phone) Hey Jeff, how full do you fill your bathtub? Just over the jets? hmmm.
Jason: Well, let's fill this sucker up! Martin you stay down here. I'll go fill it completely up.

Martin: Okay, I be looking for water.
Jason: (yelling from offstage) Anything yet? It's about half-full.
Martin: Naw! I don't see anything yet.
Marting: (looking up at the pipes as water starts rushing down onto his face) Whoa! There's water.
Jason: The tub is full, the water is over the overflow thing. It must be the culprit. Let me call Jeff and tell him. (on cell phone) Jeff, it's the overflow. We'll have that fixed in no time. Talk to you later buddy.

Keep Reading for the next addition: "The Elusive Leak: Conquered." Will the holes in the wall be patched? Will the couple get their ceiling repainted? Can they finally get the new bathroom floor installed? It's all just too exciting!

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