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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Yesterday was beautiful. The weather could not have been better for watching a baseball game. Frank and I went to see the Nashville Sounds defeat the Iowa Cubs. It was a great game.

Tied in the bottom of the ninth, it seemed almost certain that the game would go into overtime. But with one out on the board, the Sounds player got up to bat and hit a beautiful homerun over center field. It was the only homerun of the whole game, but what a way to win.

We had great tickets too. We sat behing home plate on the ninth row. During the 5th inning we moved up to a shaded area to sit with Sheila's brother, Brian, and his wife, Wendy.

This minor league game was not much different from watching the Texas Rangers (well, except for maybe the fact that the Sounds won). Abbey and I loved seeing them play. There was a mascot, the funny sound effects, hot dogs, funnel cakes and peanuts. Of course, the concessions were way over-priced, but hey, it's a ballgame! We're planning on going back this Saturday night with some friends to see the game and the fireworks.
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