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Friday, May 19, 2006

My Brothers

Landlife has been quite busy over the past few days with traveling. As you may recall, we will be leaving again this afternoon to take part in "BM '06" where we will help Abbey's parent's complete their move to Memphis. We are excited about getting to help them, but first, let me introduce you to my big brother Trae. Some of you have commented that you really did not believe that Trae really existed. This is a picture of Trae in his living room.

Here is a photo of his house. Yes, it is a boat. Not a house that looks like a boat. It's actually a houseboat. Although it may seem odd to you that Trae would live on a boat, he is actually ALWAYS on a boat. He's a diver and usually works in the ocean, so he is used to the feel of choppy water.

Unfortunately, none of the pictures of my brother Bobby turned out so this is a picture of his wife, Alyson. Bobby also exists, although he has NEVER been to visit us! He is a policeman and if you know him, that would make you scared.

The same night that we went to Trae's boat, we met Brookie for the first time. I think that my family completely freaked him out. Another reason why we were looking forward to "BM '06" is that we are going to get to spend some time with Brookie to see if he makes the cut.

Stay tuned for lots more blogging. I am not sure if the internet is working at the in-law's yet, but I will definitely update on Sunday. We have to cover a lot like, "The Elusive Leak: Almost Fixed", Carah's Graduation, and complete coverage of "BM '06".

As a side note, my Mimi's funeral was one of the most celebratory and beautiful funerals I have ever attended. She would have been proud, but I know that she's even happier with Jesus.
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