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Monday, May 22, 2006

Mimi's Pottery

On our way home from the funeral the other day, we stopped at our favorite pottery store, "Talk of the Town", in Batesville. You've seen our blue pottery before. I just love it, although when we got married I thought it was horrible. Over the years, though, I have learned to appreciate it as beautiful art. I also love the blue color that we have. It is called Peter's Pottery and is made in Mississippi.

We stopped to buy a piece in memory of Mimi. It's funny, for the past few years, Mimi has been giving us random things for Christmas. They are random, but they are completely like Mimi. She would choose a piece of china or glass or something from her cabinet and give it to us. Although we have several pieces that she has given us, we decided that a piece of pottery would be a neat way for us to remember her.

The pottery is a blue jar with a top that has a frog on it. We have not found a good spot for it in our house yet. We are still recovering from our whirlwind of a week. Now, I have got to go and do some writing for which I will get paid!
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