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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Valentine's Day Report

I was going to post video report of the things that we got for Valentine's day, but Abbey told me that you all don't care for videos, so I just did pictures. I am sure that when we get Reed, she will change her mind.

For starters, we went absolutely overboard for Valentine's this year. It is ridiculous, but maybe it's because we are not going to have a lot of extra money this time next year after having a child.

Abbey got me several articles of clothing, however, the favorite gift is this green cashmere sweater that she got me. I have always wanted a cashmere sweater and it is so nice and soft. She even got me a coordinating green shirt to go under it because I have to have a collar at work!

She also go me two long-sleeved polos. These will be great, as I can also wear these to work! They are really nice. I especially like the brown one.

Abbey got Vera Bradley for Valentine's Day. She got a new pattern. The new pattern is called Peacock. She got a new purse, key chain with a card holder on it, and a pair of flip-flops. I think she is getting set up pretty well with the new pattern.

Finally, she got flowers from Sherry's. I asked for unique and she delivered. I think it was a little to unique for my taste. It is almost strange, no, it is strange.

We went to eat at Famous Dave's for supper and then we went to Hobby Lobby where I patiently followed Abbey around for what seemed like eternity. She got some good ideas though, I think.

Now, we're settling in with a little American Idol.
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