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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reed's Latest Elephants

The Global Bazaar selection at Target was not very exciting this year. There were several elephants available and we thought they may be nice to have when they went on sale.

Last week, we went in Target and found them 75% off, so we bought a couple of them. They are pretty cute and I think that they will fit into Reed's room quite well.

Of course, Abbey is a little upset, because we don't have a bookcase or anything for Reed's room for us to put all of his elephant decorations.

Our friends Jimmy and Meyline told us today at church that they were at Target last night and had found the cutest bedding and they thought we would love it. They said it was green with elephants on it. Imagine their surprise when we told them that my parents had already bought us all of that.

When I was little I used to want Santa to bring me a pet elephant. I wonder if God is bringing me what I really want, not as an elephant but as my son.
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