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Monday, February 26, 2007

Funny Pictures and A Day in Review

Today was not all that interesting, so there is not a whole lot to report. Abbey had school and then she had a "girl's club" thing that they are doing for the girls at the school. I was very busy at work, trying to meet a deadline, and I think that I am going to actually be a little early. Not a lot early, only about a day, but hey, it is early!

We went to Cracker Barrel for supper tonight, although we had planned on eating at home, but because a mother forgot to come and pick up her daughter (Yeah, that's what I thought too!) it was too late.

Now, Abbey is working on her school plans for this week and I am working on the laundry. It is REALLY amazing how much laundry two people can make in one week! I cannot imagine what is going to be like once we get a baby. Maybe Reed won't spit up (Ha!).

I think that is about all! Enjoy the funny pictures.
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